Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A Milestone has been reached

On the way to the last parish meeting, I promised myself I will not say a word as a show of support to the “Way Ahead” effort. It was hard to sit on my hands when the public was given the opportunity to speak. The new Chair, Sue Toft-Hunt, impressed me. She controlled the meeting and managed Councillor Ballantine. The rest rallied behind her. All in all, the facilitator, Pat Edwards, seems to have been value for money. I look forward to ‘boring, nose to the grindstone’ parish meetings. However, the ‘Green Affair’ is still unresolved, leaving the land given to the good people of Wendover at risk due to this precedent.
There were several issues discussed, each merits an entry sometime. Most symbolically, Councillor Worth reported that clearing the overgrowth on London Road has revealed both an old hedge and a Milestone that probably last saw light about 30 years ago.

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