Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cars Parked on Shared Cycle Path and Intimidating Behaviour

At around 10 am on the 26th of June 2008 I was riding my bicycle along the Aylesbury road shared path in Wendover. As I was approaching the petrol station I noticed that the section of the shared path that is adjacent to the used cars dealer was blocked by two parking cars and I saw a woman with a double seated pram that was forced to walk along these cars in the road itself. I took a few pictures on my phone camera and immediately was confronted by a man who later on drove away in one of the cars. The man did not waist time and immediately started threatening me. Apart from using abusive language he also deliberately bumped me with his bear gut trying to get his face near mine and raised his had in a menacing manner. I resigned myself to being hit especially when we were joined by other people, presumably from the used car dealer’s, who added fuel to the fire by also threatening me with violence (a thin man with a colourful Mohock hair do). I am happy to report that I managed not to loose my calm and did not mirror their behaviour. One mistake I did was to give the man my business card and ask him for his name. His replay sounded like a threat to me and now he knows where I live.

I have lodged an official police complaint: Crime reference number: AJ3120337/08.

I am sending this letter to Buck County Council as the shared path is an important rout used by people on mobility scooters, people with prams and adults and children on bicycles and scooters. Some enforcement is needed to keep the path clear.

I am including a carbon copy to the Wendover Parish council so they might consider officially requesting the PCSOs and BCC traffic wardens to give the issue of cars parking on the shared path a high priority.

Friday, 20 June 2008

First Reading of Aproved Details for the Former Princess Mary Hospital site

I just received a letter from AVDC informing me that “After taking into account planning policies and any comments we received, permission has been Details Approved.” You can see the whole range of documents on the AVDC site when it works. I noticed it does not work with FierFox.

I could not find on the website a document that lists the comments and the planners reaction. Nor is there an easy way to identify the changes to the original proposal.

It seems a lot of effort was invested into the question of a one-way vs. two way solution and I think that they opted for the two way option (see “Summary of Highway Design Proposals 804708”). I was happy to find a lengthy discussion of a cycle rout (see “Further Highway Considerations 790381”).

I noticed that the number of houses probably has not changed although their appearance and height were tweaked.

Now we need to monitor the implementation and the promise for a cycle rout to the schools and to the Centre of Wendover + Toucan Crossing. I am slightly worried that as the two-way system was chosen the 20MPH restriction will not be long lived.

Friday, 6 June 2008

The Nomination is closed

Today at midday the nomination for the coming flash elections to the Wendover Parish Council was closed. Exactly nine courageous citizens have decided to stick their head over the parapit and stepped forward. This means no election:

Name of Candidate

COOLEY Preeta Josephine




MYERS Alan Sydney


SAUNDERS Karen Brigette

STAMPER Cheryl Madeleine

WORTH Stephen Charles

Of the nine six are women. That will make the Parish council 8 women and 5 men. Of those who resigned only Steven worth put his hand up. I suppose the rest intended to wait for the results of the investigation into the Green affair before suggesting themselves for co-option. As all seats are taken it is a great loss to the community.

It is paramount that said investigation is not only carried out objectively but is also seen to be so. I believe that originally it was intended that Irene Thompson (Chief Executive Officer, Bucks Association of Local Councils) would conduct it but the letter she placed in the Bucks Herald (21 May issue) made it clear she is biased. I would recommend that any person linked to the affair or that associates with people involved, keep their distance so there will be no room for doubt. Those of you who have followed the sad development will understand me when I recommend that nobody of the previous Parish council nor anybody who is an active member of the Aylesbury Vale Constituency Conservative Party is involved. I am not saying they are not to be trusted but I do believe it is important to ensure justice is also seen to be done. I hope that the investigation report will not be done under the instruction of the Parish council. Imagine how it would look if the report is submitted to the Parish Council for approval? Moreover, I hope it is made public in its entirety.

For the new councillors, a word of friendly advice:

  1. The Green affair is toxic for your health – keep away from it.
  2. Fiona is a good Parish Clark. Be very suspicious of anybody who tells you otherwise.

I’ll be watching