Friday, 20 June 2008

First Reading of Aproved Details for the Former Princess Mary Hospital site

I just received a letter from AVDC informing me that “After taking into account planning policies and any comments we received, permission has been Details Approved.” You can see the whole range of documents on the AVDC site when it works. I noticed it does not work with FierFox.

I could not find on the website a document that lists the comments and the planners reaction. Nor is there an easy way to identify the changes to the original proposal.

It seems a lot of effort was invested into the question of a one-way vs. two way solution and I think that they opted for the two way option (see “Summary of Highway Design Proposals 804708”). I was happy to find a lengthy discussion of a cycle rout (see “Further Highway Considerations 790381”).

I noticed that the number of houses probably has not changed although their appearance and height were tweaked.

Now we need to monitor the implementation and the promise for a cycle rout to the schools and to the Centre of Wendover + Toucan Crossing. I am slightly worried that as the two-way system was chosen the 20MPH restriction will not be long lived.

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