Monday, 20 June 2011

And here we go again

Worrying, very worrying, but not unexpected. I really, really, really wanted to believe that the new and veteran parish councillors would do their best to conduct their work in a good if not pleasant atmosphere. I predicted that there would be some friction but I expected it much later. I was wrong, already in the June meeting there were singes that several councillors “were not trying their hardest” to get along with the Parish Clerk – Fiona. But I was not prepared for the statement Fiona’s husband, Tony, read out last week, at the July Parish meeting. After he sat down, there was a moment of silence and then with no comment the Parish council returned to the agenda.

Fiona is a very good Parish Clerk. She is very dedicated and has contributed much to the village. The people who would like to see her “put in her place” are those who are not happy with the way she sticks to the rules, regulations and the law.

Tony kindly provided me with the text he read – I think it speaks for itself:

The role of the clerk is a strange one, the council appoint a clerk to advise what members can and cannot do.  Individuals may not wish to accept that, but surely holding a public position carries responsibilities.
What  is not acceptable is that my wife, your clerk, has had to suffer being told how one of your new members ‘hates’ her, has been referred to as ‘that twit of a clerk’ to members of the public and how the first thing that a new member has on his agenda is ,’to get rid of the clerk’.   Strange how some people think that everyone agrees with them but obviously not the ones who have been so offended as to wish to share these comments.
Outstanding complaints are still to be addressed with new complaints against bullying and harassment.  This will be an interesting situation as two of these people sit on your staffing committee, believing that they understand the very delicate matter of treating staff with dignity and respect.
I believe that most of you are fair minded, but these issues have to be addressed for the sake of this council and more importantly as far as I’m concerned the sake of my wife, your clerk.
Nights spent awake and visits to Stoke Mandeville in the middle of the night caused by stress and upset, are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
I also believe unless issues are dealt with, not only will you lose your very hard working and conscientious Clerk but the minority will once again bring this council to it’s knees and I’m sure to most of you that’s not what you want.
Finally on a more personal note, I will not sit by and watch my wife, your clerk come home in tears because of a member or members of this council.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

results are in

To follow the disappointments of yesterday we have the results for the elections for the Wendover Parish Council:

There are 5,679 electors listed for Wendover. The Turnout is reported to be 49.1% which makes it 2,788 votes casted of which 125 were spoilt. The percents above are of the 2,663 counted voters.

Although I did not get in, I find it encouraging that about a third of the voters supported me. I would hazard a guess that the people who voted for me did not vote for Marion Clayton.

Congratulations to those who are going to represent us in the District Council and the Parish Council. I hope they do good – may the force be with them.

The fist meeting of the new Wendover Parish Council is scheduled for Tuesday the 17th of May where a new Chair will be elected. Let’s hope that the new chair will not have the tough and thankless treatment the last few chairs experienced.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I am standing for the Wendover Parish Council 2011 Elections

Those who know me and my involvement & interest in the parish life will not be surprised to find my name on the list of candidates for the Wendover Parish Council.

My interpretation of the ‘Big Society’ concept is that the Parish Council should take on more responsibilities and initiatives. The Aylesbury Town Council have been leading on actively taking over responsibility for local tasks that were done by AVDC and BCC. They had an up hill battle with the politrucs that did not want to downsize their empires. But the current atmosphere of cuts and local government focus will encourage AVDC and BCC to shed activities to the parishes where it make sense. I do not believe that they may be carried out by volunteers (I include in this the library service). Therefore, I would strongly support increasing the precept significantly – “local taxes to drive local action, prioritised by the Wendover residents”.

I am self employed and my current client is an hour’s drive away. I strongly believe that the parish council activities should be “work life friendly” allowing people of all walks of life and family stages to participate. An important step in that direction is getting the communications right. I know that the business as usual stuff does not really interest most people in the village. On the other hand, it is really frustrating when you do learn of something that gets your buck up only after it becomes a fact. A good example is the BCC and AVDC consultations that are actively circulated only to council members and Jo Blogs has to constantly monitor the websites to see what is coming up – one cannot even register on a mailing list.

I will endeavour to support innovative approaches to building design instead of the cramped show boxes mushrooming around us. Moreover, I sign up to the approach that people should be allowed to improve their home without too much intervention and Big Brother attitudes.

You will not be surprised to hear that I will actively encourage initiatives to improve the cycling and pedestrian environment in the town.

I would like to make a special note of one of the candidates for whom I have a lot of time – Steven Worth. Not only does he really care about the village but he got many projects done for very little cost. I will try and learn from him and follow his example. I think that one of his secrets is to not drop the ball when big issues excite the rest of the Parish Council and the Parishioners.

Candidates for the District Counsel Elections

Liberal Democrats

• Christine M. Smith

• Simon J. Weaver

• Katie Willis


• Steve Bowles

• Chris Richards

• Peter Stachan

Candidates for the Wendover Parish Council Elections

Stephen C. Worth

Bob Duggan (

Cheryl M. Stamper

Tom Walsh

Oliver Statham

Karen B. Saunders

Emma Louise Carroll

Eli Kling

Hussein Ghomshei

Marion Clayton

James Grant

Bob Lewis

Nicky Gregory

Jannifer A. Ballantine

Roz Green