Saturday, 7 May 2011

results are in

To follow the disappointments of yesterday we have the results for the elections for the Wendover Parish Council:

There are 5,679 electors listed for Wendover. The Turnout is reported to be 49.1% which makes it 2,788 votes casted of which 125 were spoilt. The percents above are of the 2,663 counted voters.

Although I did not get in, I find it encouraging that about a third of the voters supported me. I would hazard a guess that the people who voted for me did not vote for Marion Clayton.

Congratulations to those who are going to represent us in the District Council and the Parish Council. I hope they do good – may the force be with them.

The fist meeting of the new Wendover Parish Council is scheduled for Tuesday the 17th of May where a new Chair will be elected. Let’s hope that the new chair will not have the tough and thankless treatment the last few chairs experienced.

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