Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cars Parked on Shared Cycle Path and Intimidating Behaviour

At around 10 am on the 26th of June 2008 I was riding my bicycle along the Aylesbury road shared path in Wendover. As I was approaching the petrol station I noticed that the section of the shared path that is adjacent to the used cars dealer was blocked by two parking cars and I saw a woman with a double seated pram that was forced to walk along these cars in the road itself. I took a few pictures on my phone camera and immediately was confronted by a man who later on drove away in one of the cars. The man did not waist time and immediately started threatening me. Apart from using abusive language he also deliberately bumped me with his bear gut trying to get his face near mine and raised his had in a menacing manner. I resigned myself to being hit especially when we were joined by other people, presumably from the used car dealer’s, who added fuel to the fire by also threatening me with violence (a thin man with a colourful Mohock hair do). I am happy to report that I managed not to loose my calm and did not mirror their behaviour. One mistake I did was to give the man my business card and ask him for his name. His replay sounded like a threat to me and now he knows where I live.

I have lodged an official police complaint: Crime reference number: AJ3120337/08.

I am sending this letter to Buck County Council as the shared path is an important rout used by people on mobility scooters, people with prams and adults and children on bicycles and scooters. Some enforcement is needed to keep the path clear.

I am including a carbon copy to the Wendover Parish council so they might consider officially requesting the PCSOs and BCC traffic wardens to give the issue of cars parking on the shared path a high priority.

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