Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Innovative approach

The wonders of modern technology alerted me to Adam’s “Stunning structures”. He sais: “My initial reaction when I first saw the shell of the building at the beginning of the year, was that it was designed to emulate a butterfly”. As I have not been up that way for some time now I made a point of detouring there on my way to the Gym @ the Halton Tennis Centre. The pictures here are mine but very similar to Adam’s. It is great these guys got planning permission. In areas like the Lake District it makes sense to have a certain uniformity of look (the slate roof etc.) but most of our area is uninspired red-brick pigeon holes. I welcome the daring to be innovative and I hope to see more such experiments in our area. I have a bellyful of grumbles about the poky little shoe boxes that characterize our region. Having said that, each time I go canvassing or leafleting I come across some hidden (and not so hidden) gems I have forgotten about and I do love the Wendover High Street.

Speaking of thinking ‘out of the box’. A few days ago a team resurfaced a short strip of tarmac opposite my window. They worked vigorously and efficiently. However, they did what they were told to do and that is it. They paid no attention to a pot hole they had to walk over a few times. I will not be surprised they even did not report it. I remember a promise in one of the BCC Pravda leaflets of mending also potholes that were not originally marked if noticed when the crews are on site. This seems to be the way things are done in our local government. Just the other day I visited a VAHT (Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust) resident who suffered a similar problem: workmen guttered her kitchen during a scheduled work but stopped when they encountered damp wood. The family was left living in the house with no kitchen for about 9 weeks but the contractor did not report the situation to VAHT nor did any body come over for a follow up inspection. It is time local government here got a shake. Vote for a change in the coming elections.

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