Saturday, 27 September 2008

Is a change planned for RAF Halton?

Canvassing last year, the issue of reduction in civilian jobs at RAF Halton was raised by several people. However, officials kept assuring us that nothing has changed. Well they also insist there was no change to the policing in Wendover. So I was very concerned.

The response David Lidington just received from Bob Ainsworth to the question How many armed forces personnel have received recruit training at RAF Halton in each year since 1998?” suggests there evidence of a significant decline in activity at the camp ( The only activity that is clearly petering out it the trade training for supply, catering and administration roles which was small number anyway (Number 1 School of Technical Training relocated to RAF Cosford in 1990). However, in 2004 the number of recruit training, one of the main activities in the cap, was halved ( last year it was rose to about 66% of the 2003 activity).

I wonder what were the results of “Air Command Study Into the Future of RAF Halton”? and have activities been moved before this study was completed?

We now know that "RAF Halton had been named in the Defence Estate Development Plan 2008 as one of a number of bases that may be amalgamated into a larger facility to save money. There are another 45 bases named in the MoD plan that may close." (quoted from

Said plan states: "The RAF is considering the creation of a single ‘gateway’ to the RAF for Other Ranks and a through-life training organisation for RAF personnel. However, RAF Halton is in poor condition and an alternative site may be considered." I hope the BCC & AVDC will not just ring thier hands and rolle thier eys and find crative ways to convice the MOD that bucks is the best place for its activities.

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