Friday, 8 May 2009

2009 Bucks County Council Elections – It’s a Two Horse Race in Wendover & Halton

Yesterday the candidate list for the Buckinghamshire County Council Elections 2009 (4th of June) was closed with the following entrees for Wendover & Halton:
  • Peeler Christopher Henry Liberal Democrat
  • Clayton Marion Patricia The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Lesingham William John UK Independence Party
  • Pile Robert Leroy Cuthbert The Labour Party Candidate
I have no Idea who the UKIP and Labour candidates are. I’ll be happy if someone enlightened me as to their contribution to our village life. Mr. Pile stood four years ago and pulled 458 votes.

So are we back to square one? Same candidates, same results? Four years ago Chris would have been elected had people not wasted their vote on Labour and effectively electing the conservatives. Early indications suggest that the Tories cannot fool all of us all the time. Marion has been doing our work for us. The general mood is that she had her chance and she blew it big time. More over, people have been taking note of the things Chris has managed to do for the village through long, up hill campaigns.
It is clear the Conservatives are desperate. Take for example the amusing letter Marion published in the last Wendover news. Did you spot the spin? She is trying to take ownership for an issue that is a pure AVDC matter and her much more able colleagues are looking into. Remember their election pamphlets of previous years? I dug up one from four years ago where they said they will do something about the parking. Did they? And more importantly, originally the parking consultation was scheduled for January this year. Suddenly it is to be held after the elections. What nasty, unpalatable bitter pill are they planning to shove down our thought?

OK, you will not vote for Marion. What can I tell you about Chris? Chris has lived in Wendover with his wife Mary for 36 years and was a Parish Council for six years. He is a member of the local Wildlife Trust and has a large garden with “wildlife corners”. The garden has been open to the public to raise funds for both the local wildlife trust and the Ian Rennie Hospice. He is also a keen bridge player and is the secretary of Wendover Bridge Club which meets at the cricket pavilion and provides financial support to the cricket club. Chris is also an active member of the Safer Routes to School group for Wendover Junior School, where he also was a governor. Another of major interest is the “Get Wendover Cycling” group.

His latest achievements are the step and rail on the Manor Waste in the entrance to Stars, the cycle path along Aylesbury Road and cycle and pedestrian provisions at the corner between Dobbins Lane and Lionel Avenue. It is time for change! She who only can find excuses why things cannot be done should be replaced with Chris who has proved he can get things done.

Vote Chris Peeler, Liberal Democrats


  1. Interesting to see local points from across the country!..

    Just a thought. As you couver a specific election and candidate you need to include an imprint on your blog page including an address for blogspot...


  2. Ed,

    I had a look into the issue. It seems it is a recommendation but not a requirement. see

    But I take your advice on, and have added an imprint

  3. Well, Chris has my vote, but you knew that anyway! I wonder if the current MP expenses scandals, which the LibDems seem to have come out of rather better than the other main parties, might just swing things our way. Not that I think that local elections *should* be influenced by what happens in parliament, but we all know that they *are*.


  4. Am a new voter and am finding it really difficult to find out about the candidates. So far I have found this article and then a leaflet through the door from the UKIP candidate. Help!