Friday, 24 April 2009

New, Relocated Bicycle parking at the Wendover Train Station

Today the new Cycle shelter was installed. I watched the work with mixed feelings. On the positive note the new parking is sheltered and it is positioned in direct line of site of the guard. My joy is shadowed by the downsizing of the available parking space. The new shelter accommodates only 10 bicycles where the one it is replacing was almost double. This morning I counted 12 pairs parked haphazardly. My hope is that in the future we will manage to get another cycle shelter; maybe on the platform. For the time being, I suppose we might also use the new motorbike shelter. I also lament the loss of the green patch opposite the station to more tarmac – I hope they will find a way to bring back some colour to the station front. Hopefully not of the machine-washable kind.

12 bikes overflow

This was the old facility: 8 double stations

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  1. Fair point. That is some intensely ugly tarmac which massively detracts from the station's rural ambience. It would have been cheaper to achieve the same effect by simply installing a sign facing the station reading "Welcome to some random commuter town.". Tx for the blog, by the way.