Wednesday, 2 December 2009

David Lidington: Lloyds Group

The Bcuks Herald informed us on the 1st of December that "Lidington to debate HBOS job cuts in Parliament tonight". I found the text of this debate on TheyWorkForYou. For a change, our MP did his homework and lists many interesting facts I was not aware of. If I were the editor of the Bucks Herald I would send my investigative reporters on trail set by this speech. The first investigation should be into why did the Bucks Herald miss most of these?

Did you know that one in three in our Vale works in the public sector. This mainly covers BCC, AVDC, and the NHS Trust. Even if we subtract the NHS we are still left with a proportion that will not shame any communist system. In fact Mr. Lidington sais that the conservative administration in the last decade made things worse to the extent that "Aylesbury is often seen as linked either to the Thames valley and the M40/M4 corridor area of the south-east economy, or to Milton Keynes-or indeed to both. However, when we analyse the structure of Aylesbury's economy, we find that for a long time it has been less developed and less high-tech than either the Thames valley or Milton Keynes."

Mr. Lidington said that "Like all the other growth areas, Aylesbury vale had a sizeable proportion-just under £2 million-of funding that the Government had provisionally allocated for next year withdrawn by the Department for Communities and Local Government in order to fund the so-called kick-start scheme for housing development. That clawback by the Department represented a reduction of almost half Aylesbury's original GAF budget for the next year and nearly 20 per cent. of the funding allocated over the entire three-year period." So They promised us money for the infrastructure for the new 9000 units and then took it away once the consultation was over. Nice move.

He then goes on to make a few suggestions where the government might help (go read for yourself). While we are waiting with baited breath for the written response from Ian Lucas (Parliamentary Under-Secretary {Business and Regulatory Reform}, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills), I would like to add a suggestion of my own: we need a real university center here, teaching real sciences. A research center always attracts High-Tech.

One of Lidingotn's suggestions informed me that "Government to accept the application made by Aylesbury Vale district council to be one of the pilot areas for the tax increment finance scheme." - Hay Bucks Heral! Why did you not report this? How about tacking this up as a campiagn. I think it is a briliant idea.

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