Friday, 5 June 2009

BCC election results 2009

The results of the county elections are extremely disappointing in general nad in particular for Wendover: Well the people of Wendover got whet they deserve. I hope they will not be disappointed with the urbanization of our village they just voted for.

Party Name Seats Elected % of votes
Political party colour Conservative 46 49.2%
Political party colour Liberal Democrat 11 28.1%
Political party colour UK Independence 0 13.5%
Political party colour Labour 0 5.9%
Political party colour Independent 0 1.8%
Political party colour Green 0 1.1%
Political party colour British National 0 0.4%

So nothing really has changed. The Conservatives have a free hand to do arrogantly what they want. Wife says, that is exactly what we need: some really bad 'Bush' nationalistic years to frustrate and infuriate those who did not understand the consequences of their voting; and to open the was for 'Yes We Can' Change.

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