Friday, 20 March 2009

Green Ducks in the Wendover Arm Canal

These foreigners appeared here about three weeks ago and have been welcomed by the local population of ducks. I personally think they should pay £50 towards the extra burden they are putting on the scarce resources.

By the Way, anybody know their scientific name?


  1. Hi Eli.

    I haven't seen them myself, but I did a bit of Googling based on your video, and I think they might be Cayuga ducks.

    They're not native to the UK, so they've probably escaped from someone's duck flock somewhere!


  2. Saw all these three ducks today (25/4) and a few days ago. Very interested to see Eli Kling's video clip - tend to agree with Anna's comment about two of them being Cayuga ducks.
    However who's the mysterious white and brown duck with them who seems to behave like their offspring?!

  3. The anonymous comment of 25-4-09 was mine.
    I now write very concerned that whilst the 2 Green/Blue Cayuga ducks remain in residence on this stretch of the canal, the 3rd white & brown (very tame) duck seen constantly in their company has now vanished! Has he been taken for the pot or perhaps moved on to pastures new?! I have spotted a similar looking duck a couple of weeks ago at the fairly nearby Tring reservoirs. Has anyone else seen him?