Tuesday, 11 November 2008

AVDC Consultation on Growth - Mark II

At the last Wendover Parish Council, Councillor Richards pointed out that the direction of development in Aylesbury chosen will have implications on later plans for Wendover. He could not elaborate as he is on the AVDC planning committee. The consultation was presented at the last Wendover Local Area Forum (LAF) which gave the Parish Chair, Sue Toft Hunt a chance to ask a very good and direct question: Will it be a bad omen for Wendover if the Southern Arc Option is chosen as it would make it cheaper to continue it down to Wendover? The response she got is enlightening. It seems there is a planning golden rule discouraging joining up urban sprawls.

Wendover is marked for future tier 2 development. So if you do not want further massive development in our village (in the far future) then it might be wise to support the southern arc option. However, there are so many things wrong with it that were pointed out during the last round of consultation.

Personally I do not like none of the proposed options as they do not address sufficiently the question of where will people work. Over the last decade, “when the sun was shining”, Aylesbury lost about 7-8% of job places. We are now in economic dier straits and more jobs are expected to be struck out the books. Thus, most of the new residents will be commuting. I would have preferred a northern theme for the development where the new residents would be encouraged to commute to Oxford and Milton Keynes. This will also help promoting the rail link between Oxford and Milton Keynes.

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