Monday, 11 February 2008

One small step for us – one big thank you to Chris

Sunday Morning. Lovely weather. No strike that. Wonderful weather. A perfect time to reduce the height of the leaflets mountain. My daughter saw my glance at breakfast, read my mind and stated: “I want to stay with Mummy”. She-who-must-be-obeyed declared “it would do the child good to be in the fresh air with her Dad.” I promised here it was just leafleting as I know she gets even more board when I canvas. In any case Sunday mornings are not a good time for canvassing. I started cold-canvassing on the back of the current Focus leaflets and last week was very chilly so we both caught a cold. She had it really bad. I allowed here to bring along here scooter as a diversion. I am not sure whether it was not a cunning plan to ensure she would not be able to help me push the material through the letter boxes. Last year she loved it, and begged to do it. What a year can do to a child. She even did not want to sit on my lap at the Panto.

Halfway through the ‘walk’ we cam across a man washing his car.

“Here you go.”
“What is it about?” not even putting a hand to accept it.
“Liberal Democrats” – that was a mistake. I should have said “Princess Mary’s Development” or “Local Issues”. But hay, I am no slick politician.
“Not interested”
“OK, Shame you do not even glance at it, have a nice day” (Well I have to paraphrase as I can’t remember word for word. I generally back off from antagonistic time wasters.)
“They are all the same: liars cheats and corrupt” – again this is the spirit of his abuse.
“If you feel that way, Do something about it. Volunteer. Stand for elections”
“I am doing something! I’m telling you!”


This kind of people really annoys me. They complain and assume the worst about everybody. Well it takes one to know one, is what I say. I believe that the lion’s share of people who get involved in politics at all levers do so to make a positive change. Yes, this holds also to my esteemed competitors, the Wendover Conservatives. I do not question their motives and I respect them for the time and effort they put into promoting Wendover’s cause. Not always successfully though.

It takes a lot of stamina to get anything that is out of the ordinary done. I understand that it took about eight years of campaigning to get the cycle path along Aylesbury Road. So the people who toile for no reward deserve to be thanked not abused by lazy ignorant buffoons who do not realize that they pose a real danger to democracy.

Take for example Chris Peeler who took on a seemingly trivial task during his term as Parish Councillor. Even tough he is no longer on the PC he kept pushing and smoothing bumps on the way, ensuring it happens. It took three years to get the tread to the door of Stars on the Manor Waste. It’s installation last week is wonderful news for all those who found the step into the store too high for comfort or even unnegotiable.

Well done Chris!

That accomplished, the next issue on the ‘ease of accessibility’ is loftier: there should be an easy access to the far platform at the train station. So old people, people on wheel chairs, people with pushchairs or suit cases, and cyclists could cross the rail-tracks with ease and safety. Only the young and fit do not mind climbing up and down the bridge.

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