Thursday, 10 January 2008

Sign of Our Times

Coming back from my Yule vacation I learnt about two sad losses to Wendover. The fire at Brook House and the death of one of the trees on the Manor Waist.

An interesting Idea was raises at the Parish Council meeting last Monday: erecting a village sign instead of the Tree. I am not sure why it should come instead of the tree as the costs are not equivalent and there is enough space on the Manor Waist for both. Councillor Prior provided me with a link to the Village Signs Society where examples are displayed. I turned to google in an attempt to understand why would we want such a sign. There were many entries amongst the top hits were:

The Village Signs of East Anglia;
Team Triplet;
And Village Signcrafters.

It seems that these signs are very popular in certain parts of the UK (and Europe). But when I tried to narrow down the search to village signs in Buckinghamshire I did not get interesting hits (apart from my letter to the Bucks Herald).

I have no particular objection to a village sign as long as it does not come at the expense of trees or the good people of Wendover. i.e. someone should donate the sign. The many examples I saw whilst searching the net suggest other sites in Wendover could be considered for such a sign (e.g. the meadows, the pond, near or on the Clock Tower).

In short, I would like to see the tree on Manor Waist replaced be another. Even better, I would be happy to see more trees along the High Street altogether.

On the top right of this page you will find a survey that will end just before the next Parish Council meeting.


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  2. 6 voted for another Tree
    2 for a Village Sign

    Yes, I am disapointed with the poor response. I will not give up.