Monday, 1 October 2007

A Blue Robin Hood?

I can’t believe my ears. I just heard on the news that those socialists have just said they would scrap the Inheritance Tax. Hang on, let me check it out in detail. Hmm... , Mr Osborne is just talking about raising the cut-off point. So there is no real principle behind this. They are just trying to pamper to the masses’ wishes. Clutching at straws and mumbling a prayer to the all mighty brown “Please hold on the elections – we are not ready”.
All the arguments I have heard until now in favour of the Death Duties are lame. It is an unjust and un-defendable tax. Keeping the tax but applying it only to the very rich, as those desperate fools are proposing, is an offence against a very basic rule – KEEP IT SIMPLE. Or in Public School speak “Apply Occam's Razor.” Keeping the Tax means that someone has to maintain a body of rules and regulations, dedicated civil servants will be kept busy and, of course, an army of accountants and lawyers will be able to pay for their children’s high education through the exorbitant fees they will be able to keep billing. Not to mention the fact that it would be oh-so-easy to lower the threshold again.

And if you are asking, No! I do not think Mr. Brown should waist my money on gambling with early elections. Once in five years is the going tariff for democracy here. I would let the Blue/Green Hoody cross dressing as Robin trying to cover up his origins (Do not forget Maggie).

Abolish it. And for Valen’s sake, keep the red tape to minimum.

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  1. Agreed.

    Abolish the damn thing.

    Also don't raise any other taxes to cover it - cut more of government back instead.